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What Problems Should We Pay Attention To When Purchasing Gas Detectors?

In recent years, the people has paid more and more attention to the safety of the atmospheric environment, and has made clear regulations on the emission of toxic and harmful gases, not only for the sake of the safety of the atmosphere, but also for the sake of the safety of the atmosphere.

It is necessary to ensure the health and safety of human body. Gas detector is a kind of instrument and instrument tool for gas leakage concentration detection. Users can understand the application environment and range before purchasing.

gas detector

Problems such as range, sensor, etc. The following are the specific contents:

  • The purchase of gas detector should understand the detection interference of different gases on the sensor. Generally speaking, each sensor can only correspond to a specific gas, but any gas detection.

  • The instrument can not be absolutely special. It is necessary to know the interference of other gases to the sensor as far as possible to ensure the accurate detection of the target gas.

  • Understanding the life of the sensor: the portable gas detector with LEL sensor has a long life, which can reach about three years; some can reach four years or longer; the electrification of a gas.

  • The life of the learning sensor is relatively short, generally up to one to two years. The service life of foreign sensors will be longer than that of domestic ones.

aging time

The detection concentration range of gas detector shall be understood: when the gas is detected, its accuracy can only be guaranteed within its measurement range. If the gas is beyond the measurement range for a long time, It will cause fatal damage to the sensor, greatly shorten the service life of the sensor, and the toxic and harmful gas detector with high concentration working for a long time will also cause damage.

Pay attention to the routine calibration and detection, and use the relative comparison method to measure and evaluate the toxic and harmful gas detector. First, the instrument is fed with zero gas and standard concentration gas.

The standard curve is obtained and stored in the equipment. The instrument compares the electrical signal formed by the change of target gas concentration with the concentration of standard curve, and then calculates the signal.

The accurate gas concentration value is obtained. Therefore, before and after the use of gas detectors and after the sensor has been replaced, the instrument must be calibrated to ensure that the instrument is in use play a protective role.

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