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Sewage treatment

1. Project introduction

There is a large amount of ammonia in the production process of the sludge treatment plant. Because ammonia is colorless and has a strong pungent odor, it will cause burns to the skin, eyes, and respiratory mucosa. Excessive inhalation by the human body can cause lung swelling and even death. Most people don't know the function and operation principle of the sludge treatment plant, let alone the large amount of ammonia produced in the process of sludge treatment. To solve the problem that ammonia may be produced in the process of sludge treatment in the sludge treatment plant, ordinary measures, such as wearing gas masks and anti-corrosion-wearing equipment, can not fully guarantee the safety of the working environment. For the protection of ammonia in the sludge treatment plant, it is necessary to do comprehensive prevention work. According to the characteristics of the site, the Oceanus team developed a solution for the real-time online detection system of ammonia concentration in the sewage treatment plant to create a safe production in the sludge treatment plant.

Application of ammonia detector in the sewage treatment plant:

water OC-F08

2. Equipment selection of ammonia real-time online monitoring system in the sewage treatment plant

Since the detection range of ammonia detectors is 20-30 square meters, it is very good to judge the number of ammonia concentration detectors in a relatively closed environment, such as a production workshop. It only needs to divide the square volume of the detection environment by 20-30 square meters.

For outdoor and other open environments, the number of ammonia concentration detectors used in sludge treatment plants needs to be considered for personal safety protection. The ammonia leakage detector device must be installed at the point (pipeline interface, etc.) easy to leak ammonia, and the designated place for safety detection. In this case, the number of ammonia detectors needs to be customized according to the specific environment.

3. Matters needing attention in the installation of ammonia real-time online monitoring system in the sewage treatment plant

The ammonia real-time online monitoring system of the sewage treatment plant is composed of two parts: ammonia detector and alarm controller host. The gas detector is installed in the operation site, while the alarm control host is installed in the monitoring room and other convenient monitoring environments. As for the installation location of ammonia detector in sludge treatment plant is mainly to select the location where ammonia is easy to leak to install ammonia detector equipment and the location where the operator's working environment does not affect the normal operation to install ammonia detector.

4. Matters needing attention in debugging and testing of ammonia real-time online monitoring system in sewage treatment plant

After the sewage treatment plant has installed all the equipment, it is necessary to test and debug the equipment to ensure that the supporting equipment can efficiently detect the safety leakage, and take timely treatment measures to ensure the ammonia protection of the sewage treatment plant. Debugging ammonia detector equipment only need to connect the power line to check whether each probe and host display is normal. When testing the ammonia detector equipment, take a certain amount of ammonia and place it in the probe part of the ammonia detector. When the ammonia concentration appears and reaches the lower explosion limit, it will give an alarm and early warning, and the supporting equipment will start the linkage settings, such as solenoid valve and exhaust fan.

fixed gas detection system

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