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Oceanus Participates In The First Phase Environmental Monitoring Project Of Kazakhstan Government In 2021


In 2021,because COVID-19 effect, Oceanus launched a membership system, aims to help customers share more benefits and additional services.

Kazakhstan government's environmental monitoring project was launched in March, with the first batch of orders of 50 units. This is the trust and affirmation of Oceanus team and Oceanus products. Next, Oceanus will continue to work hard and hope to establish cooperation with more partners.

AQM-09 Air Quality Monitor System


AQM-09 mainly used to monitor the quality of atmospheric environment.
example:factory environment monitor, city air environment, Pollution control in traffic environment;Road and tunnel pollution monitoring;Urban air quality monitoring;Emission monitoring of particulate and pollution sources;
Environmental monitoring in residential areas, schools, Hospitals;
Park / forest environmental monitoring;Industrial area air quality monitoring, etc...


- Real-time monitoring and remote control;
- with cloud platform, Supporting 4G/WIFI/GPRS transfer data to computer;
- Unique function: heating-dehumification to avoid humidity influence to data accuracy;
- Support LOGO customization, optional LED screen and solar panel.

- With data storage function. It can store 100000 group of data. Data can be exported via U disk.

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